Sickness is in the air…

FBC Sickness Policy Reminder

There is a lot of sickness floating around… flu, strep throat, pink eye, the list goes on.

First and foremost, please, know that we are praying for you and your family during this season. We know that sickness gets passed around easily. It’s hard at home when one of our little ones isn’t feeling well.

We LOVE seeing you and your smiling children each time you are with us!! However, please, remember to be courteous and respectful to the other families and potential visitors of First Baptist if sickness comes to your home. According to our church preschool policies, children should be unmedicated and symptom-free for a full 24 hours before attending First Baptist activities.

Thank you for allowing me serve your family!! If you need anything or have questions, please, feel free to contact me (info below).

Jeremy Carroll
Minister to Preschool & Children

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