New Check-in System Launch

New Security Check-in System

Here is a (relatively) short walk-through video of the new system:

For the text version, read on.
The safety and security of the children on our campus is of the highest importance. Many of you have expressed your frustrations with our current check-in system, and I have witnessed many of those frustrations first-hand on Sunday mornings. Last Fall, we began exploring some new options and for the past few weeks we’ve been live-testing a new platform on Sunday nights.

The most noticeable change, other than a different look to the screen, is that you will use the last 4 digits of your phone number, instead of your last name. This can be any number (cell phone or home phone) that we have on file for your family. NOTE: If your phone number/family record is not found, please, stop by the Welcome/Info Center in the Children’s Center foyer and someone will be able to help you.

Other notable changes:

  • Only for parents of preschoolers (Kindergarten and younger)
  • All tags for all children will print at the same time.
  • There will be only 1 security (parent) tag that is divided in 2 sections for easy sharing with your spouse.
  • You may occasionally need to select the class, but most often, it will “remember” which class each child is in.

Step-by-step walk-through:
Step 1: Enter the last 4 digits of your phone number
Step 2: Select your household, if prompted with more than one.

Step 3: Look for a check mark next to your child’s name. See image on right for example.

Step 4: EITHER a grayed check mark or a green check mark means children are ready to be checked in.
Step 5: If everyone is marked, click gray “Check in 1 Person” button in lower right corner. All tags will print at same time with parent pick-up tag printing last.
Step 6: If others need to be checked in or adjustments made to time, class, etc., click the persons name for whom you need to make selections.
Step 7: Make adjustments by touching correct options on the next screen, the tap the “Prepare Check in” button in lower right corner to return to the Family Household screen.
Step 8: Double check that all children have check marks beside their names and that the correct class & time are listed, then click the “Check in” button in the lower right corner. All tags will print at the same time with the parent pick-up tag printing last.

Even though this may sound difficult, there are fewer steps overall for families to go through with this system than with the previous system.

Hopefully, you will find this system more convenient, easy to use, and secure.

In addition, our leaders/teachers are accountable to you as you ensure they are checking your tag every time you pick up your child. Every parent should be asked to present their copy of the pick-up tag when picking up their children. I hope you understand that this is, in no way, meant to insult or offend anyone, and it is not because we do not know who you are (our ministry is built on relationships). We want to create a secure atmosphere where consistency is the rule-of-thumb so whether you have attended FBC for 30 years or are a first time visitor, everyone presents a pick-up tag to demonstrate that the safety and security of EVERY child is important.

Thank you for your help as we work together for the best environment for all children!

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